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Trabzon Airport, our meet and greet staff will welcome you and accompany you to your vehicle. Our local drivers will then ensure you safely and comfortably reach your desired destination, whether it's a tourist center, hotel, home, or business meeting.

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We are here to provide you with the most exclusive service and ensure you have a flawless travel experience for your Trabzon transfer. Think of us as your travel assistant and solution partner.

Trabzon Airport Transfer - Departure Deluxe

In Trabzon airport transfer, a warm welcome and local drivers will be waiting for you. With our airport transfer service, you will reach your accommodation safely and comfortably. While traveling in our luxurious and comfortable vehicles, you will experience peaceful and pleasant moments away from travel stress. Trust us for an unforgettable travel experience.

You can get quality service with VIP vehicles by determining your request for transfer within the city or between cities. Our company offers airport transfer service with Turkey's largest vehicle fleet. It pays attention to the finest details while preparing your transfer vehicle. With yesterday's experience and today's technology, we complete your transfer requests in the safest way today as well as yesterday.

Departure Delux offers amateur spirit with professional service by combining economic transfer prices and quality. You can make a reservation via our website or mobile application and complete your transaction with credit card or online payment options. 

Apart from Trabzon airport transfer service, you can also make reservations for the tour programs we have prepared for you through our website.

Trabzon Airport Sarp Border Gate Transfer

We provide comfortable and safe transportation from Trabzon Airport to Sarp Border Gate with Vip transfer vehicles. We provide 24/7 service especially for our guests who want to spend the weekend in Georgia and Batumi. You can choose any of the vehicle options suitable for you.

Places to visit in Trabzon

Trabzon, which is home to many unique places, especially the places we have listed, is waiting for you to discover.

  1. Sumela Monastery: One of the symbols of Trabzon, this monastery offers a magnificent view at the foot of the mountains.
  2. Trabzon Museum: It is an important museum that reflects the rich history and culture of the city.
  3. Uzungol: Famous for its natural beauty, this crater lake fascinates its visitors and offers trekking opportunities.
  4. Atatürk Mansion: It is a historical mansion where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed in Trabzon and is an important building reflecting the history of the city.
  5. Hagia Sophia Church: It is one of the important Byzantine buildings of Trabzon and attracts attention with its architecture.
  6. Boztepe: Spectacular views await you on this hill where you can look at the city from a high point.
  7. Çal Cave: One of the natural beauties of Trabzon, this cave is a mysterious place waiting to be discovered.
  8. Sumela Valley: Located along the road to Sumela Monastery, this valley is an ideal route for nature lovers.
  9. Zagnos Valley: Famous for its hiking trails and natural beauty, this valley has a peaceful atmosphere.
  10. Trabzon Castle: Reflecting the history of the city, this castle offers a magnificent panoramic view.
  11. Surmene: It is a district of Trabzon where you can experience the village atmosphere and is famous for its historical texture.
  12. Akçaabat Famous for its seafood, this district attracts visitors with its seaside town atmosphere.

Trabzon Airport City Center Transportation 

The easiest and fastest way to reach Trabzon Airport City Center is to use airport transfer vehicles. You can reach Trabzon City Center quickly with your private vehicle. Departure Delux offers you private transportation service.

Another alternative to Trabzon Airport City Center transportation is to use Public Transportation (Havaş) buses. Please visit the website of the relevant company for Trabzon Airport Havaş schedules and prices.

Trabzon Airport Rize Havas Timetable and Station Information

The route used by Havaş buses departing from Trabzon airport to Rize is as follows. You can also base the same information on Trabzon Giresun Havaş Hours.

  • Shana
  • Yomra
  • Arsin
  • Arakli
  • Sürmene
  • Of
  • Iyidere
  • Derepazari
  • Rize

Passenger Pickup Points;

  • Opposite Of Military Service Office
  • Iyidere Bridge
  • Iyidere
  • Iyidere Municipality
  • Derepazari Underpass Exit
  • In front of Rize Library

For Rize Trabzon Havaş timetables and Trabzon Rize Havaş schedules, please check the website of the relevant company.

Trabzon Airport City Center Havaş Timetable and Stop Information

The route used by Havaş buses departing from Trabzon Airport to the City Center is as follows.

  • Trabzon Airport
  • Tangent Road
  • Tanjant Erdoğdu Interchange
  • Yavuz Selim Boulevard
  • Uzunkum
  • Besirli

Passenger Pickup Points;

  • In front of Beşirli Orhan Petrol
  • Karsiyaka Junction Bus Station
  • Tanjant Migros Bus Stop
  • Zeytinlik Municipality Bus Station

You can visit the website of the relevant company for current flights and prices or you can get information by calling the contact information.

Havaş also serves many regions from Trabzon Airport. Via the website, Hopa havaş hours, Havaş Rize Trabzon departure times

Havas Trabzon Contact Information;

Trabzon Havas Contact: 0850 222 0 487

Mail: [email protected]

Trabzon Airport City Center transportation is another alternative to Trabzon airport taxi service.

Where is Trabzon Airport?

DHMI Trabzon Airport

Address: Center/Ortahisar/Trabzon

Trabzon Airport Phone Number: 0462 328 09 40-49 / 325 99 52-55

Fax: 0462 325 99 50

E-Posta:[email protected]

Practical Information and Tips

Trabzon is a region that is usually visited more in the summer months. Since it is rainy in all seasons, we recommend you to follow the weather forecast before making a trip plan.

Trabzon offers a saga of history, nature, flavor and entertainment. Are you ready to explore this magnificent city to make unforgettable memories? Trabzon, dancing with the Black Sea wind, is waiting for you!

We are here to make your visit to Trabzon special and help you make unforgettable memories. If you want to benefit from this privileged service, you can make a reservation immediately.

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