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What to Take When Traveling

A list of what to take when traveling is important and useful whether you are embarking on your first journey or you are an experienced traveler. Creating a checklist of essential items to take with you when packing your suitcase before a trip ensures that you do not forget any important belongings and helps you avoid being stranded in emergencies.

Whether you are preparing for international travel, a weekend getaway, or a long-term world tour, looking at the list of what to take when traveling can help you realize the important products you will need. This way, your dream vacation will not be overshadowed by any problems. So, let's check our list of what to take when traveling together:

What should we take with us when we travel?

Choosing the Right Bag or Suitcase for Your Trip

You need to acquire a bag that best meets your needs, is highly functional, versatile, and can accommodate all your belongings. Depending on the type of travel, you can choose from the following types of bags:

  • Rolling Suitcase,
  • Sports Bag,
  • Rolling Backpack,
  • Crossbody Bag,
  • Handbag,

Clothing – Dresses – Accessories and Equipment

You should individually determine the clothes and equipment you will use during your trip and review all the products you will need according to the nature of your trip. In this context, the products we think will be useful are as follows:

Lightweight clothing that you can layer,

Long-sleeved shirts,

Sweater or fleece jacket,

T-shirts and tank tops,

Pants or shorts,

Belts and socks,

Comfortable sports shoes for walking,

Raincoat and umbrella,

Nightwear | Pajamas,



Dresses and skirts,

Jewelry and various accessories,

Hat and sun hat,

Bandana and headband,

Swimsuit and bikini,

Smart cell phone and charger,

Power bank,


Travel pillow and earplugs,

Eye mask,

Power adapters,

Smartphone apps | Apps that can assist with translation and directions, among other things.

Personal Care Products

Do not forget your personal care products that you will not be separated from during the trip. You should identify the products you use regularly and make a complete list of what you will need. At this point, we have listed the personal care products you will likely need for you to address any deficiencies.

Toothbrush and toothpaste,

Dental floss and mouthwash,

Comb and hairpins,

Deodorant | Roll-on,

Shampoo and hair conditioner, as well as facial care gels and hand creams,

Sunscreen and skin lotion,

Make-up materials,

Wet wipes,

Night lotion,

Lipstick or lip gloss,

Prescription medications you use,

Compact mirror,

Hair spray, hair gel, and beard oil,

Shaving kit,

Travel towel,

Nail scissors,


Health Products

Although you do not want to get sick or injured during your trip, undesirable situations may still occur. It is essential to create a first aid kit before medical intervention in case of illness or injury. We have listed the health products that should be included in the first aid kit:

Bandages, gauze, and adhesive bandages,

Prescribed medications specifically for you,

Pain relievers and fever reducers,


Cold medicines and throat lozenges,

Diarrhea medications,

Allergy medications,

Antibacterial creams,


Eye drops,

Disinfectants and wet wipes,

Sleeping pills.

Personal Items

Do not forget to include your personal items in the list of what to take when traveling. These products will make your trip more comfortable and trouble-free. So, what are personal items? We have made a list for you, and you can compare it with your own list and fill in the gaps:

Smart devices and chargers,

Camera and GoPro,

Spare memory card,


Travel diary and pen,

Books and magazines,

Card decks and games,

Water bottle,



Language Guides.

Important Documents

You should never forget the important documents you need to take with you before starting your trip. Otherwise, you may encounter major problems. In this regard, what are the important documents and what should be taken when traveling? We have listed them for you:

Visa and passport,

ID card, student ID card,

Bank and credit cards,

Health insurance document,

Travel insurance document,

Reservation document,

Transportation tickets,

Address information,



Finally, do not forget what you need to do before leaving for your trip. So, what should you pay attention to and do before traveling?

If you are a newspaper subscriber, you can inform and request to stop the distribution,

You can create an automatic responder for your e-mails,

You can take care of your pets and garden plants,

You can pay your bills in advance,

You can check your refrigerator,

You can unplug household items,

You can close all doors and windows,

You can store your valuable items in a safe place,

You can leave a key to your home with a trusted friend.

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